Saturday, July 14, 2007

My first Digital Scrapbook page

I just started this and I have wanted to for a while! So here it is! Me and my girlfriend! What do you think!?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Havn't posted in a while

I kept meaning to but I never got around to it. I've been busy with work. I'm no longer in school because Financial Aid has messed me up real bad so I'm working off my debt to them until I can start school back up again. I'll at least be part time. I have to finish.

Anyways. Living back in WV now and enjoying it so far. I always told myself in high school that I would NEVER stay here. That as soon as i graduted I would be gone. My high school librarian laughed and said I'll be back. I didn't beleive her. lol I should have.

Anyways, here's some photos I've taken in my absence. Enjoy!

This one is just a regulr snapshot but I love How Alicia looks in it. She's so adorable! My baby sister is ll grown up!

Snow in April! Ridiculous!

The next two are two seperate nights. First one is Haelei watching Ginger Snaps 2 and the second on is of her Watching the First Ginger Snaps. The second photo she was so scared!

This was the only way he would let me take pictures of him. If they were of him shooting a basketball.

I am sooo attatched to this photo for some reason!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Portrait of me

I really like how this turned out. I am torn between both the colour and the Black and white however.

It was taken by my Friend Robert yesterday (sunday). It was POURING but I had fun playing in the rain like a kid. Hy, we all have to be kids sometimes!

Wish I had kids to photograph though....

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Little Sister

I have been spending the past (almost) 2 weeks with my family :) I've had a blast. A couple days ago I took my sister out to a feild that is right beside the entrance to their neighborhood. I wanted to take pictures of her so bad and I wanted to try the location out also. We had a blast! She's finally warmed up to my cameras and she was so natural in them all!

I took both digital and film but the film ones of her didn't really turn out. I may scan one or two and post them but I'm not really happy with them.I also used another roll of film on the dogs and got a couple good ones but 1 really excellent one :D I can't wait to get that one scanned.

As for now, here are two photos of my youngest sister Alicia (geez she is growing up so fast).

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Boys and Bikes

Finished all the proofs of hte first shoot this morning at 4am! yay! All I have now is a slideshow.

I now know the hardships of getting proofs done X.x

So anyways here is the last of the Bug photos I will be posting. Enjoy! Sorry so short!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dear Boy

Dear Boy, originally uploaded by Tender Hearts Photography.

Always making people laugh or doing this number! I wonder what he's thinking?

anyways, another one form the shoot. I'm almost done with them (only took m this long due to the fact that I had no computer of my own so as soon as I get the back can do that!

I found out that his mom wants me to take photos of him, ladybug, and their 2 cousins in hteir haloween costumes! I have some ideas!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So Captivating

So Captivating, originally uploaded by LoliRain.

THis just WOW. I originally made it BW and saved it for his parents but when I was searching for my paper for a class I came across it again and it just took my breath away. I love his expression. THis definately looks better to me in BW with no border than the Color one.

What do you all think?

Monday, September 18, 2006


Goofy, originally uploaded by LoliRain.

More practice with color. Not happy with it still but I'm learning quickly. I love this kid...I really do!

Another one I edited yesterday.. Did I mention I love this kid!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

KidsFest 2006

Well I havn't posted in a while but nothing has really happened. I've been too busy with school.

Yesterday (Saturday) however, I volunteered for 8 hours at kidsfest. Fun Stuff let me tell you :) The kids really enjoyed it! There were games, prizes, arts and crafts, a playfround, a magic show, a puppet show, amphibians, rock walls, space bouncy things, those inflatable fun things, a clown-ish guy, pony rides, a petting zoo, baloons, and even walk around characters such as the crash test dummies and McGruff, and Smokey the Bear.

I even got to be McGruff for a while. Let me tell you, that is a great thing to be.....a walk around character. I loved the looks on the kids faces. They were all so happy and I even got a lot fo them to do a dance I made up that involved turning around three times, clapping their hands 3 times, hopping on one foot, then yelling as loud as they could. "I love kidsfest!" they had a blast and I did too!

Here are some photos from Kids Fest 2006.

I'm really not sure why some of my borders turned out Grey...

also...the McGruff in the picture above IS NOT me lol. I was 2 shifts after them!

Also mind you I was in that costume for a good hour maybe mroe I lost count...but anyways it was like 86 degrees out and I was dieing in it rofl!

Anyways have a great day :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Little Bug

I had a Session the First week of August! Yeah I know that was a while back but I've been busy with school. I just started my sophomore year at a new college and I'm adjusting rather slow.

Anyway. The session was a blast! I learned that playgrounds are a no no. So is food. I also learned that Studio settings hate me ...or ar least Robert's camera does. So he ahs to get it fixed again before my next shoot. I'm excited though. Even though the session messed up around the Studio part and the only pictures that ahde Lady Bug in them were overexposed, the mother is letting me photograph Bug and Lady Bug again! I also get to photograph her neice and nephew! I'm so excited! I learned from that day that this was definately what I wanted to do and that I was improving!

School is hectic right now. I'm working out Financial Aid stuff that will HOPEFULLY be worked out by tomorrow before noon (I have to give up sleeping in till my classes start - which isn't till 2 - to go harass FA to activate me Financial Aid so I can get my books and some mroe supplies). Housing is also giving us trouble so that won't be fixed until AT LEAST Wednesday. *crosses figners* Other than that I am enjoying myself here! Wonderful place!

Ok so here are some photos from the session!